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      • Turmeric Powder

        Turmeric Powder

        Turmeric contains Curcumin, a bioactive compound. It has powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties and helps in lowering the risk of cancer.

        Valley Spice Turmeric Powder
      • Red Chilli Powder - Hot and Bold

        Red Chilli Powder- Hot and Bold

        Red chilli contains Capsaicin, a bioactive compound. It helps in weight management and in maintaining a healthy heart.

        Valley Spice Mild and Bright Red Chilli Powder
      • Red Chilli Powder- Mild and Bright

        Red Chilli Powder- Mild and Bright

        Red chilli contains Capsaicin, a bioactive compound. It helps in weight management and in maintaining a healthy heart.

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      • Coriander Powder

        Coriander Powder

        Coriander contains Linalool, a bioactive compound. It is known to reduce cholesterol and is an excellent diuretic.

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      • Cumin Powder

        Cumin Powder

        Cumin contains Cuminaldehyde, a bioactive compound. It is an excellent digestive stimulant and also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.

        Valley Spice Cumin Powder or Jeera Powder
      • Ginger Powder

        Ginger Powder

        Ginger contains Gingerol, a bioactive compound. It helps in bringing relief from allergies, asthma & cold and also stimulates blood circulation.

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      • Black Pepper Powder

        Black Pepper Powder

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        Garlic Powder

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        Green Chilli

        Green Chilli contains Capsaicin, a bio-active compound. It helps in weight management and to maintain a healthy heart

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  • Blended
      • Chhole Masala

        Chhole Masala

        Ingredients: Dry Mango Powder, Cumin, Coriander, Chili, Black Salt, Black Pepper, Salt, Pomogranate Seeds, Sugar, Bay Leaf, Cinnamon, Ajwain, Dry Ginger, Cloves, Black Cardamom and Kasoori Methi.

        Chhole Masala
      • Garam Masala

        Garam Masala

        Ingredients: Coriander, Cumin, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Chili, Black Cardamom, Cloves, Star Anise, Fennel, Dry Ginger, Bay Leaf, Salt, Black Cumin.

        Garam Masala
      • Lazeez Masala

        Lazeez Masala

        Ingredients: Coriander, Bengal Gram Dal, Cumin, Chili, Fennel, Salt, Garlic Bay Leaf, Black Pepper, Kasoori Methi, Mace, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Green Cardamom, Cloves, Dry Ginger, Star Anise, Turmeric and Mint leaves.

        Lazeez Masala
      • Paneer Masala

        Paneer Masala

        Ingredients: Cumin, Coriander, Chili, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Kasoori Methi, Fennel, Black Pepper, Green Cardamom, Star Anise, Nutmeg and Cloves.

        Paneer Masala
      • Kitchen Star Masala

        Kitchen Star Masala

        Ingredients: Coriander, Cumin, Black Pepper, Dry Mango Powder, Chili, Fennel, Turmeric, Salt, Bay Leaf, Dry Ginger, Nutmeg, Black Cardamom, Black Stone Flower, Cinnamon, Cloves, Mace and Green Cardamom.

        Kitchen Star Masala
  • Chai Masala
      • Chai Masala - Nutmeg

        Chai Masala - Nutmeg

        Nutmeg is commonly used in tea and called brain tonic. It helps in stimulating in nerves in the brain when consumed regularly.

        Chai Masala Nutmeg
      • Chai Masala - Lemongrass

        Chai Masala - Lemongrass

        Lemongrass is used as a detoxicant which kick starts your metabolism and help you loose weight. It may relieve pain and boost immunity.

        Valley Spice Mild and Bright Red Chilli Powder
      • Chai Masala - Cardamom

        Chai Masala - Cardamom

        Cardamom is a detoxifying agent which helps remove impurities from blood stream. It is a mouth freshener and help in oral health.

        Chai Masala Cardamom
      • Chai Masala - Cinnamon

        Chai Masala - Cinnamon

        Cinnamon popular for its sweet-and-spicy flavour, can act as a digestive aid and helps cure cough and cold.

        Chai Masala cinnamon
      • Chai Masala - Ginger

        Chai Masala - Ginger

        Ginger contains Gingerol, a bio-active compound. It helps relieve allergies, asthma & cold and stimulates blood circulation.

        Chai Masala Ginger
  • Aayush Kadha
      • Aayush Kadha

        Aayush Kadha

        Your Daily Dose of Immunity (Pack of 30 Sachets of Rs.10 each). One Sachet makes 5 cups of Kadha. Drink daily to boost Immunity.

        Aayush Kadha Sachet
Navratri Recipes | Vrat ka Khana

6 Navratri Recipes | All-time Favourite and Heart Warming Vrat ka Khana

Valley Spice

6 Navratri Recipes | All-time Favourite and Heart Warming Vrat ka Khana

What exotic and mouth-watering Navratri recipes are wielding their magical aroma in your kitchen this Navratri?

It is that time of the year when most homes in India are abuzz with rituals, and a holy atmosphere prevails.

There is an air of piety, religious zeal and festivities in the air as devotees of Goddess Durga offer prayers and seek her blessings.

Spanning over nine days, Navratri signifies the nine avatars of Goddess Durga and is observed twice a year, at the turn of spring and autumn.

People fast and switch to satvik diet (no onion, no garlic) to please and show their gratitude to the deity and also to detoxify their bodies.

Phool makane, sendha namak, aloo, singhara, kuttu ka atta, sabudana, sendha namak (rock salt) and samak ke chawal are some of the ingredients used to make delicious vrat ka khana in Indian homes.

Every home has its favourite Navratri vrat recipes, some that have been passed down generations, are incredibly delicious while being simple and quick to make.

We have put together 6 Navratri recipes that have pleased the palate, heart and soul for decades, if not centuries.


6 Ever-favourite Navratri Recipes

1. Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi

Hands down favourite in all homes, sabudana khichdi is undoubtedly food for the soul. This easy to prepare dish never fails to bring on the oohs and aahs from kids and adults alike.

Quick Recipe

Easy to make, all you need is soaked and drained sabudana, boiled potatoes, grated ginger, sendha namak, red chilli powder, green chillies, coriander leaves, and some lemon juice. Heat oil in a pan. Add grated ginger, green & red chillies and cook for thirty seconds. Add boiled and chopped potatoes. Cook well. Add rock salt as per taste. Mix and add soaked and drained sabudana. Be careful not to keep the flame too high as sabudana tends to become sticky if cooked over a high flame. Adjust salt, add lemon juice and chopped coriander leaves, mix well, and cover. Cook on low flame for a minute and turn off the heat. Let it sit for five minutes.

Ready to be relished with a refreshingly cool glass of Minty Strawberry Orange Cooler.


2. Singhare ki Sabzi

An innovative style of using singhare (water chestnut) in cooking, this is one interesting dish. Generally peeled and eaten raw, this dish takes the favourite singhare to a different level altogether.

Quick Recipe

Boil the singhare till a little tender. Do not overcook. Peel and mash roughly with a fork. Heat ghee (clarified butter) in a pan and add mashed singhare and cook for a while. Add boiled and mashed potatoes (just one or two). Add rock salt, a little black pepper powder and keep cooking till the vegetable is cooked thoroughly and the ghee starts to separate from it. Cover and leave for five minutes so that the aromas and spices amalgamate.

This slightly sweet delicacy is best enjoyed with kuttu ki poori and a tall glass of lassi.


3. Kuttu ki Poori

Kuttu ki Puri Navratri Special

Navratri is not complete without some preparation with kuttu ka atta (buckwheat flour). Extremely filling, the pooris prepared with this atta are soft, crisp and delicious. They are a great accompaniment with vrat wale aloo, singhare or kaddu ki sabzi, to name a few.

Quick Recipe

Take kuttu ka atta in a flat utensil (parat). Add sendha namak and cumin powder and mix with a spoon. Take hot water and mix well with a spoon, cover and allow it to cool down. Once cool, knead to soft dough, adding a teaspoon of ghee if required. Make small balls and roll out in slightly thick circles. Deep fry the pooris in hot oil and serve. These pooris can be made plain, or one can also knead some boiled and mashed potatoes with the dough.

Serve with hot vrat wale aloo, kaddu ki sabzi or even with coriander-mint chutney. They taste delish with all.


4. Vrat Wale Aloo

A staple during Navratri, this is a hot favourite dish throughout the year and loved by all. Raseele vrat wale dahi aloo finds favour will all for their simple, yet flavourful taste.

Quick Recipe

Heat some ghee in a pan. Add grated ginger and stir fry. Add turmeric powder, cumin powder, red chilli powder and green chillies (optional). Add deseeded and pureed and tomatoes. Cook the mixture for a while. Now whip two to three tablespoons of thick curd and add to the mix. Cook for another couple of minutes. Now add boiled and mashed potatoes, mix thoroughly, lower the flame and let cook for 10-15 minutes. Garnish the aloo with chopped coriander leaves and serve with samak rice, kuttu or singhare ki poori.

Rich, colourful, aromatic and supremely delicious this dish surely and truly captures the taste buds and the heart.


5. Paneer Aloo Kebab

This one is so divine that you will be smacking your lips till much later. A heavenly coming together of the ever-favourite potatoes, cottage cheese, yoghurt and spices, this dish will take you to drool-heaven, no question asked!

Quick Recipe

Hang some curd in a muslin cloth till nice and thick. In a bowl, add grated paneer and a couple of mashed potatoes to the hung curd. Add sendha namak, black pepper powder, red chilli powder and cumin powder, chopped coriander leaves and mix thoroughly. Now grease your palms and take a small dollop of the prepared mix and form balls. Pat the kebabs gently to flatten a bit and shallow fry in a pan.

Voila! The delightful Paneer aloo kebabs are yours to devour. Relish with yummy coriander-mint chutney on the side and a glass of Gingery Jamun Cooler.


6. Lauki ka Halwa

A delectable dessert, who would have thought the humble lauki (bottle gourd), can be used so innovatively. A rich Indian sweet dish made with lauki or dudhi, milk, sugar, ghee and cardamom powder and cooked over a low flame, it is toothsome and full of flavours.

Quick Recipe

Heat some ghee in a thick bottomed kadhai. Add freshly grated lauki and cook over low heat, stirring occasionally. Once the aroma fills the air, add full cream milk and keep cooking. Do not forget to stir occasionally. Once it begins to thicken, add sugar (as per taste), cardamom powder and chopped nuts. Keep cooking and keep stirring, till the mixture is well amalgamated and ghee starts to separate from it.

Delicious and aromatic Lauki ka Halwa is ready and will be gobbled up in no time at all.


Navratri brings with it cheer, optimism, gratitude and a new beginning. Enjoy these delish Navratri recipes with your friends and family and let the festive spirit take over.


Every household has its own treasured recipe for Navratri. It could be an old favourite or a new take. Share yours with us, in the comment section below, and the most innovative recipe stands a chance to win a gift hamper from Valley Spice.

Valley Spice

April 08, 2019